Void Linux

Remove systemd from Arch and make it into a distro that actually works (looking at you Artix!) and you get Void Linux! It’s package manager might not be as pleasant as pacman (hard to make one that is), but the overall experience is pretty similar and people who like to tinker will love this distribution! It used to be my daily driver for some time before I went back to Arch because I missed the AUR. But honestly, it wasn’t a bad experience at all and I would totally recommend it to someone who has the level to use ArchLinux.

One negative point is its documentation isn’t great due to a past incident: at some point the project lost its domain name and had to restart everything, making it a bit confusing, although that’s my experience a couple of months after it happened. It might be better now.

Oh, and there’s a musl version available (that is, no glibc but a lighter one with less bugs, but alas with slightly less compatibility with other things…).