Learn Linux

Learn Bash

The first step towards becoming a Linux poweruser is to learn to get around with the command line. While you might not use Bash itself (you might have Zsh preinstalled instead), most of the things you will have to learn are pretty standard across most shells (those that follow the POSIX standard). Fun fact, if you know your way around a POSIX shell, being in a macOS or a UNIX shell won’t feel that foreign since the POSIX standard tries to be as compatible as possible with the UNIX standard (and yes, macOS is a UNIX-certified OS).

Finding tutorials on Bash is pretty easy, however there are some tutorials I’d recommend:

Learn Linux, Prepare to be a System Administrator

Yes, that’s a big step, but that’s the path to become a poweruser. While you might not want to become a sysadmin professionally, I don’t think it hurts to learn even more about Linux.

And pretty much any course on this website. They have five ranks of difficulty in their courses:

  • Novice
  • Apprentice
  • Practitioner
  • Professional
  • Guru (kinda hidden)